Thursday, 27 December 2012

More Staff Not Less!

Once again, the Public and Commercial Union have sent me a ballot paper.

On this occasion, it is over the issue of the DWP entering initial negotiations to make people compulsory redundant.

These affected 46 Administrative Assistants in a variety of locations across the DWP.

In a previous job, I line managed at various times, between 3-6 people at this grade level. They had to barcode and send to Capita various items of post and forms for different benefits. It so happened that at another two locations, there were some "surplus" staff awaiting redeployment within the department and every so often, we sent them work. Boxes of post from claimants.

I do know more than one of my colleagues worked hard with them to identify suitable redeployment opportunities. But failing to get a promotion and, what is boiled down to, is a can't or won't attitude to moving to where the work is. A 30 minute trip on the train.

Such a person claiming JSA is expected to travel within 90 minutes of their home using any means of transport appropriate.

Much as I have a sympathy for anyone under threat of redundancy, sometimes you reach a position where you cannot do anymore for that person to help them redeploy within the department.

I can see both sides. There is plenty of work for them to do. But, they do need to be where the work is.

I will not be voting in the ballot this time round. I find the issues are far more nuanced then the union with their seventies concept of Industrial Muscle might like it to be.  

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